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Where the Durmitor and Vojnik mountains "collided" millions of years ago, the Komarnica canyon was cut through the angry rock - the last conquered canyon in Europe. It is located 50 km from Žabljak in the direction of Šavnik. The name Nevidio, or Nevidbog, as it is also called, reminds of mysterious inaccessibility. Its cliffs are so narrow that in some places light never reaches them. It represents one of the biggest mountaineering challenges in this part of Europe. It was won only in 1965, and until then, as its name suggests, no one had seen it in its entirety. The Nevidio Canyon is 2.7 km long, with an average depth of 150 meters. Go through the Nevidio canyon and experience a lot of adrenaline in untouched nature.

9:00 a.m. Drive safely through attractive areas straight to the village of Poscenje, one of the most beautiful villages in Montenegro. In this village there are two beautiful glacial lakes and the fantastic periodic waterfall Skakavac, which receives its water from the river Grabovica from a 70-meter high cliff. Here you will be equipped with neoprene suits and boots, helmets and safety vests, and your guides will check the safety of the equipment and inform you about the passage through the canyon itself.

10:30 The Nevidio canyon will completely overshadow you with its indescribable beauty at the very first touch. Its greater part is in eternal shadow because the sun's rays cannot reach the bottom due to the vertical rocks. The steep and inaccessible rocks have harsh conditions for vegetation, so the canyon can be said to be a jewel of harsh nature. The width of the canyon in some places is less than one meter. We will stop in the most attractive parts of the canyon for enjoyment and photography.

15:00 Exit from the canyon. The unrepeatable beauty of the straits, cascades and sparkling beeches preserved by the Nevidio canyon are more than enough reason to see and experience this incredible jewel of Montenegro. Passing through the canyon will take about 4 hours, but you will remember it for the rest of your life.

-The breakfast

-Transportation Tax

-Local taxes

-Free parking for vehicles

-Passing through the canyon


-Complete equipment


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