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3 h


Tara is the most attractive river in Europe and the most desirable destination for an active vacation. Rafting is the perfect way to feel an adventure full of adrenaline and enjoy untouched nature. The canyon of the Tara River is under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage and is part of the Durmitor National Park. Rowing on the crystal clear water, which gave Tara the name "Tears of Europe", take time to take pictures at the waterfall and swim in the calmer parts.

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Getting ready for rafting tour, which includes; Introduction to the river guides – licensed skippers.

11:30 We go to the starting position of Brstenovic.

12:00We start our adventure on the river, which is in the most attractive part of Tara, 18 km to the village of Scepan polje.

15:00 Full of unforgettable experiences, we finish rafting.

15:30 Lunch

-Breakfast and lunch

-All equipment needed for rafting (neoprene suit, neoprene boots, helmet, life -----jacket, anorak – jacket rain waterproof bags)

-Transporting clients with our terrain vehicles during the arrangement

-Licensed guide skippers – International rafting Federation

-Free parking for your vehicles

- Free Full HD footage of your rafting, Go Pro camera – for groups

- Hot water shower, wifi in the camp

-Tourist taxes, for the National Parks

-Rafting fee to enter into a regional park Piva, which costs EUR 5

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