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Montenegro is a small country, but it is full of wonders of nature, which makes it great in stature. It has 5 national parks where you can see amazing mountains, rivers and lakes. We spend most of our time on the river Tara. Tara is the most attractive river in Europe and the most desirable destination for an active vacation. Rafting and canoeing is the best way to experience the river, while you are in constant contact with the water. From the canoe you have a different view with the most adrenaline. The canyon of the Tara River is under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage and is part of the Durmitor National Park. Rowing on the crystal clear water, which gave Tara the name "Tears of Europe", take time to take pictures at the waterfall and swim in the calmer parts

What makes it even greater is the fact that you can go from the sea to the mountains or the rivers in a single day.

           About Us


We are a team of nature lovers and adventurers

Our rafting and canoeing adventures take place on the Tara River, canyoning in Nevidio canyon and Hrcavka canyon, hiking to Trnovacko Lake.
We are here to provide you with adventures in the wild nature in a safe and unforgettable way.  If you want to explore river Tara, Canyon Neidio and Hrcavka  and Trnovacko Lake , your Wild Rivers MNE team is here to make that wish happen! We offer transportation to our trips wherever you are in Montenegro, or locations near the border like Dubrovnik,  we will come for you! 










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